Our specialty is creating vector graphics manually, to meet the requirements of specific industries. This page shows samples of vector graphics created with automated tools instead.

Vector programs are drawing programs - not photo editing programs - when a photograph is changed to vector art its appearance will most likely resemble a drawing, not a photo. The more color shapes that are drawn the more realistic the drawing will look. Is it impossible for a photograph to be reproduced in vector format and look identical to the photo? For more information click here.

Sample of flowers traced as vector CMYK

If you need a photograph changed to vector art but you want to maintain its appearance as realistic as possible -- PLUS the vector graphic does not need to adhere to requirements from specific industries -- then using software that can automatically create a huge amount of different color shapes will probably give you the closest match. That vector rendition will not be suitable for processes that require a limited amount of colors or shapes; to comply with specific industry requirements, a hand-drawn vector graphic may be necessary.

Sample of a photograph traced as a vector CMYK file
For manual vector conversion of vehicles, please click here.

The best candidates for automatic vector conversion are images that do not have geometrical shapes - no sharp corners, no straight lines, no perfect circles, etc. - images such as nature shots work best. Geometrical shapes are best drawn manually.

Photograph traced as vector

Your original photograph must be of good quality. Converting a low quality or small photo to vector format will not improve image quality.

Photograph traced as vectorsample of photograph traced as vector

Photographs will look best as they are, raster images, so we recommend speaking to your supplier to clarify if vector conversion is indeed necessary. Many suppliers request vector OR high-resolution. High resolution is not vector format, it means the image needs to be good quality at the correct size for the particular project.