vector drawing of grizzly bear and cubs

Black shapes and lines vector illustration.

vector line art drawing

Lines only (true line art) vector drawing.

vector drawing of a family silhouette style

vector line art drawing

vector drawing using black shapes and lines

Black shapes and lines vector drawing.

vector true line art using only lines

Lines only (true line art) vector illustration.

vector drawing styles

vector drawing options


True line art. Basic vector outline of major elements.

Vector Line Art Option 1 - A True vector graphics consisting of a basic outline of the major elements only


True line art. Vector drawing with moderate detail.

Option2: True line art basic vector drawing


True line art. Moderate to complex detail.

Option 3 True Line Art. Moderate vector drawing


Black shapes and lines drawing.

Vector Line Art Option 4. Vector graphic may contain large areas of black


Vector Silhouette, an outline of only the perimeter of the image.

Option 5 vector silhouette only

Original Photo

Reference photo to use for vector drawing

Original photograph

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