CMYK, RGB, SPOT color vectorization

What are RGB and CMYK colors?

RGB colors are the light colors that we see on our electronic devices such as computer screens and TVs, they can be very brilliant.

CMYK colors are printer colors, while we can also see them on our electronic devices they attempt to represent the color of inks, dyes, and other colorants and are more opaque/dull than RGB.


RGB vs CMYK difference when printed

Vectorization using RGB and CMYK

We can supply your vector graphic in RGB, CMYK and/or SPOT colors.

If color is not specified we will create vector graphics in CMYK color mode because this is the color range that can be printed. If your original image was created using the RGB color mode and you require a vector graphic with CMYK colors, the two images may look different. When requested, we can use brilliant RGB colors instead to match the original but keep in mind these colors will only look brilliant on electronic devices, the printed vector graphic will look the actual color of inks not the RGB colors.

Pantone Swatch Spot Colors

Spot Color: Pre-mixed Inks for Consistent Color

The CMYK process mixes inks on the printing press to achieve a wide range of colors and the printed color may vary slightly from print to print. SPOT colors are pre-mixed inks that give you a consistent printed color print after print. If your original artwork doesn't have any blended colors, a vector graphic duplicate can be created using Spot colors. To choose colors, we recommend you visit a local printer and select from pre-printed Pantone Spot Color Swatches usually available at the print shop, many online printers do not offer Spot color printing. Do not rely on online charts since the color you see on your screen (reflected by light) may not look identical to the actual printed ink.

More information about CMYK and SPOT Color