We use Adobe Illustrator CS6 and, unless otherwise specified, we supply you with the industry standard vector EPS and/or vector PDF. Eps and Pdfs that do not originate from vector programs are not vector files. We supply VECTOR pdf and eps files. We can also supply the vector file in any of the formats listed below:

Vector file output available

.ai Adobe Illustrator
.cdr CorelDRAW - Only 100% vector, NO gradients
.dxf AutoCad Interchange file
.emf Enhanced Metafile
.eps Encapsulated Postscript
.fxg Adobe Flash XML graphics
.pdf Portable Document Format
.ps Postscript
.swf Macromedia Flash
.svg Scalable Vector Graphics
.wmf Windows Metafile

We can also provide you with copies of your vector artwork in high resolution (rasterized/bitmap) formats such as: png, jpg, gif, tif, psd, bmp, tif for projects that do not require vector art.

Files accepted for vectorization

As long as we can see your image, we can vectorize it. Here is a list of file type accepted for vectorization, although some of the files listed below originate from vector programs, they may contain raster elements that need vectorization. If you don't see your file type listed below you may take a screen-shot* of the graphic and send to us.

.ai Adobe Illustrator CS6 or earlier
.bmp Bitmap
.cdr CorelDRAW x3 (13) or earlier
.doc .docx Microsoft Word
.emf Enhanced Metafile
.eps Encapsulated Postscript
.gif Compuserve
.jpeg .jpg Joint Photographic Experts Group
.pct Macintosh PICT
.pdf Portable Document Format
.png Portable Network Graphics Bitmap
.ppt Microsoft Power Point
.psd Adobe Photoshop
.pub Publisher
.svg Scalable Vector Graphics
.swf Macromedia Flash
.tga Targa
.tiff .tif Tag Image File Format
.wmf Windows Metafile
.xls .xlsx Microsoft Excel

*To take a screen shot and save it as a picture. Click the window you want to capture. Press Alt+Print Screen by holding down the Alt key and then pressing the Print Screen key. The Print Screen key is near the upper-right corner of your keyboard. Then paste (CTRL V) in an email and send to us.

Can't Open Vector file?!

You need a professional vector graphics program to open a vector file and maintain the vector data. After you receive a vector file from us, it is recommended that you save the file first, then open the appropriate vector program and from the program menu select: FILE >> OPEN (or Import) If you simply double click on the file, your computer may find another program to open it and change the file's native format. Opening the file with a raster program like Photoshop will "rasterize" the image and the file will be of no use to anyone requiring vector art. (You can open the file with Photoshop to view but do not save this rasterized version). If vector artwork was requested by a third party and you do not have a vector graphics program to open the vector file we supply to you, it is recommended that you simply forward the vector graphic to your supplier/vendor and request an additional proof. Because files can change when opened with different programs it is recommended you request a proof from each supplier.

To import EPS into:

FlexiSign 7.5 — AI/EPS file must be saved as legacy 8

FlexiSign 8 — AI/EPS file must be saved as legacy 3

SignLab Cut Pro — EPS file must be saved as legacy (10 or older) or use PDF import filter

WinPCSIGN — AI file must be saved as legacy 6.0 (do not select pdf option)

WinPCSIGN — EPS file must be saved as legacy 3.0 (format none)

WinPCSIGN Letter 2005 — AI/EPS file must be saved as legacy 8.0

VE LXi Master Plus 8.0v3 - AI or EPS saved as legacy legacy 3 

VINYL EXPRESS LXI 6.6v1— AI file must be saved as legacy 3

CorelDraw - If you have a problem importing an eps into CorelDraw but have the ability to save the eps as pdf, in some cases the PDF will import best.


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