Vector Conversion Samples

Photo to vector sample: The vector graphic includes gradients which are actually raster effects.

Vectorization sample

Raster photo to vector line art, black and white for engraving.View more like this.

Vector conversion sample

Raster to vector drawing using a limited amount of Spot colors for screen printing. More like this.

Vector Conversion Geico logo

Vector drawing of Geico logo, simplified for embroidery.

vector conversion vegeta logo

Drawing of the Vegeta logo using only vectors. No color blends.

Vector conversion sample raster graphic to vector graphic

Raster graphic re-drawn in vector format using only vectors: 100% vector (True vector)

We can redraw your graphic exactly the same as your original; view exact-copy vectorization, make a vector drawing from a photograph; view photo to vector conversion, change your image to line art, or make your rough sketch into a finished vector graphic.

Vector Conversion Samples

Vector image to be used for embroidery digitizing.

Raster to Vector conversion sample

Vector drawing with more vibrant colors using vectors plus gradients.

Vector conversion sample

Vector plus gradients - Gradients are not vectors: Not 100% vector.

If your original image has soft color blends, we can draw it using vectors only or vectors plus gradients. See differences here.

Vector drawing of a dog

Simple vector drawing of a dog. See more like this.

Vectors plus gradients drawing

Poor quality image redrawn using vectors plus raster effects. See more like this.

100% vector and Pantone colors

Redrawn using vectors only (no color blends) and Pantone Spot colors. More.

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