Vector conversion, a vectorization service

Tips to reduce vectorization costs

Send the best file possible
Specify fonts used
Specify vector file usage

Send the best file possible

If you have several file formats of the same image - e.g., a jpg and a bmp- send us the higher quality file for vectorization; whichever looks biggest and best on your screen. Our specialty is to produce a nice and clean vector file from any file you may have, but a high resolution* or larger image usually shows more detail, the more detail we see on the original, the more detail your vector file will have.

*Do not manually increase the size or resolution of an image; this does not help improve the quality of the image. The image must have been originally created, scanned or photographed using a high resolution setting.


Specify fonts used or allow font substitution

We will need to either manually redraw or retype any letters that are included in your original image. Larger letters on a logo are usually custom made for the specific company so we individually re-draw each letter for an exact match, but smaller text like tag lines we will usually re-type. It can take a long time to search through font catalogs to try to match the same exact font, if you know the name of the font used it will save us time and save you money.


Occasionally we come across a font we do not already own, some fonts are available online for free and others need to be purchased. A font file costs around $20. We can either purchase the font, manually draw each letter, or substitute for a very similar font. Substituting tagline fonts is faster and less expensive. Main logo letters are always matched exactly. Substitution is suggested only on taglines and only when the font file is not available.

Specify vector file usage

Specify what the vector file will be used for; screen printed shirt (specify color mode required CMYK or SPOT), vinyl-cut signs, CMYK or SPOT signs and banners, engraving, specialty printing (cups, pens, clocks, etc.), embroidery, etc. If you specify what the vector file will be used for we will make sure that the file will be suitable for that process.