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Automated Vectorization

Vector programs are drawing programs - not photo editing programs - when a photograph is changed to vector art its appearance will most likely resemble a drawing, not a photo. If you need a photograph changed to vector art but you want to maintain the appearance of the original image as close as possible, tracing the image using a large amount of colors will probably give you the closest match (your original image must be of good quality), but you will end up with a vector image that uses too many different color objects making this file unsuitable for certain processes like spot color separation or vinyl-cut signs. To comply with some service providers requirements, a hand-drawn vector illustration or line art may be necessary.

Photographs are best printed as they are, raster images, and they need to be provided to your printer at the right size/resolution ratio (often referred to as high resolution). Converting a low quality/resolution photo to vector format will not improve image quality.

If vector art is being requested by a third party and your original is a photograph, we recommend you speak with them first, before vectorizing your image, to ensure that the final vector file will comply with their requirements. If 100% vector art is required, you will need to change your photo to a vector illustration. If vector with placed bitmaps are accepted, you can use your raster photograph without vectorizing it. See all vectorizing options for photos.

Below are samples of photographs traced (automated vectorization) as vector art. Original photos on left, traced vector images on right:

sample of photograph traced as vector

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Original photos on left, traced vectorization on right

Sample of a photograph traced as a vector CMYK file

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Original photos on left, traced vector image on right

Sample of flowers traced as vector CMYK

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Original photos on left, traced vector image on right

Photograph traced as vector

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Traced vectorization of multi-color images like photographs renders the vector file unsuitable for certain processes. A hand-drawn vector illustration using a limited amount of colors may be necessary instead, see samples.

Please click here to see all vectorizing options for photographs.

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