Lost vector file

Lost your electronic image file?

For examples of photographs to be changed to vector illustrations (as opposed to photographed items with artwork), please go here.

If you need a graphic vectorized but you do not have an electronic file of the graphic, even if all you have is a photograph of an item with the artwork printed on, embroidered on, or otherwise visible on the photograph, we can try to reproduce it in vector format. See samples below.

vector conversion of embroidery and specialty cup

Above left photos of embroidery and printed mug, reproduced in vector format.

vector conversion of sign

Above photograph of artwork on a sign and on right duplicated in vector format.

vectorizing from a photograph

Photograph or truck with a vinyl sign (left) redrawn in vector format.

vector conversion of embroidery

Vector conversion of a photograph of embroidery (left) reproduced as vector art (right)

vector conversion of embroidery hat

Above photograph of an embroidered cap, artwork vectorized manually.

Distortion Problems

We can reproduce an image as a vector graphic using a photograph as a reference but - although we can't readily see this - photographs actually show elements distorted and we will have to guess as to how the original artwork might have looked before it was photographed.

photograph distortion

We try at all possible to correct any distortion but without the original "flat" artwork (as in a scan of a printed logo) it is not possible to compare the new vector art with the original design and ensure it is identical. All we can do is compare the new vector file to the photograph which by nature has distortion. Distortion issues.

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