Vector Sample 1

True line art. Basic outline of major elements.

Vector Line Art Option 1 - A True vector graphics consisting of a basic outline of the major elements only

Vector Sample 2

True line art. Vector drawing with moderate detail.

Option2: True line art basic vector drawing

Vector Sample 3

True line art. Moderate to complex detail.

Option 3 True Line Art. Moderate vector drawing

Vector Sample 4

"Line art" Image may contain thick and thin lines and large areas of black

Vector Line Art Option 4. Vector graphic may contain large areas of black

Vector Sample 5

Vector Silhouette, an outline of only the perimeter of the image.

Option 5 vector silhouette only

Original Photo

Reference photo to use for vector drawing

Original photograph

Any image with a soft color blend from black to white or a gradient from one color to a different color is NOT a Line Art graphic. This includes drop-shadows and glow effects. Color blends, gradients, drop shadows and glow effects may be included in your vector graphic, this will render a graphic of vectors plus non-vector raster effects: Not a true vector graphic, nor a true line art graphic. Sample page coming soon.

For other styles and color samples of photo to vector drawings, please click here