Vector conversion, a vectorization service

Vector Conversion Policies

Policies below are for Vector Conversion Services: Vectorization of customer-owned images. For policies regarding Stock Images, please click here

Privacy & Personal Information
Financial Information
Image Copyright
Vectorization Guarantee
New Design Guarantee
Delivery Time for Proofs and Final Vector Files

Privacy & Personal Information:

We do not share any information with anyone else. Your email is used only to contact you.

Financial Information: (dba Gomez Graphics) never asks for, sees, or stores any financial information. All payments are safely processed by PayPal or Google Checkout. Customer enters financial information only at these trusted websites.


The images that you supply to Vector Conversions are not shared with anyone else. We may ask for your permission to display "before and after" images on our website's samples page for comparison between the original raster image and the new vector file.

Image Copyright:

Images displayed anywhere on the web - or published otherwise - are not necessarily public domain, even if an image does not have a copyright mark or notice, it does not mean it is free for anyone to use. It is illegal to duplicate a copyrighted image without permission. By submitting an image to us for reproduction, we assume you are the image's owner or have explicit permission from the owner to reproduce or duplicate the image.

Vectorization (exact duplication) 100% Guarantee :

After you place an order, a side-by-side proof of the original image next to the new vectorized sample is emailed to you (as a jpg COPY of the vector file) for you to compare the new vectored image to the original. Payment for vectorization services is requested only after the comparison proof has been approved by you. First time orders or orders of $75 or more require a 50% deposit before the artwork is prepared. Deposit is fully refundable at the time of proofing if the proof is not satisfactory.

New Design Guarantee (e.g. changing a photograph into a vector drawing)

When photographs are changed into vector illustrations, the original photograph and the new vector drawing will look considerably different. We do not know how you envision the photograph to look as a vector drawing therefore we cannot guarantee satisfaction. New design deposits are non-refundable.

Delivery of Proofs and Final Vector files:

Let us know if you have a deadline and we will try to meet it. Turnaround time is generally 24 hours or less. Complex designs may take longer. Hours of operation are daily 12 noon to 10 PM Eastern time; unless a previous arrangement has been made, there is no guarantee that a file will be sent to you outside of this time frame. (dba Gomez Graphics) is not responsible for delayed delivery of proof or vector file due to electrical power outages or internet service provider interruptions.