Vector Conversion

Vector Conversion service specializing in manually re-drawing images in vector format. Vector graphics are scalable suitable for large format print, screen printers, vehicle wraps, promo item printing, cut ready vector art for signs, vector line art for engraving, web use and more. Send us your image to get a quote and proof within 2- 24 hrs.


Vector Samples

Vector conversion samples

Vector Options

Vector Conversion Options

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Exact Duplication

Vector Conversion exact copy vectorization

Photo to Illustration

Photo to Illustration Vectorization

Photo to Line Art

Photo to Line Art Vectorization

Vectors & Gradients

Vectors and gradients vectorization

True Vector

Vectos only no Pixel color blends

Photo Vectorization

Photo Vectorization

What type of files can be vectorized?

As long as we can see the image, we can vectorize it! If you don't see the file formats accepted on this list, just take a screen shot of your image.

What type of vector files do you supply & what are they good for?

Vector output as AI, EPS, PDF, CDR & more. See the complete list here. Vector files are suitable for commercial & specialty printers, cut-ready art for signs & banners, engravers, web use and more.

How is the vectorization done?

We manually draw in vector format. We can prepare your file so that it is suitable for your intended purpose.

Why Convert to Vector?

Vector art is scalable - You can enlarge a vector file to any size without losing quality. Raster images on the other hand are made of pixels and do not scale up without losing quality.

Vector graphics are resolution independent, they can be used at ANY resolution. The resolution of a raster image is limited to the number of pixels included in the file.

Reduce the number of colors & printing costs - With vector images you can reduce the number of color plates the printer will need to print your image - and reduce printing costs - and you can select from pre-printed spot color swatches for an exact color match.

Vector is required by many companies - A lot of companiues prefer vector art for their processes. Other processes such as engraving and vinyl cutting for signs MUST have vector art because their equipment is guided by the vector outline.