When the original vector graphic is unavailable, can a new vector image be drawn from artwork that has been photographed?

We can reproduce an image as a vector graphic using a photograph as a reference but photographs actually show elements distorted due to perspective. We will have to guess as to how the artwork might have looked originally.

vectorization of photograph

If the artwork contains geometrical elements like squares and stars, we can easily draw them correctly by drawing symmetrical objects but it may be harder to fix other elements in the graphic without the original artwork. With non-geometrical elements in the image it is harder to "guess" how the original artwork may have looked before it was photographed.

We usually "straighten" the graphic as much as possible and out of hundreds of previous jobs no problems have been reported but we still cannot guarantee that it will be 100% exactly the same as the original artwork unless you can provide a copy of the original artwork; e.g. a scan of a printed piece, a logo on the web, etc., anything but a photograph.

Scanned artwork does not have distortion issues so, for vectorization purposes, providing a scan of the artwork whenever possible, rather than a photograph, will give you a much better vectorization result.

distortion issues


More samples of vector conversion from photographed artwork (lost original):

vector conversion of embroidery and specialty cup

Above left photos of embroidery and printed mug, reproduced in vector format.

vector conversion of sign

Above photograph of artwork on a sign and on right duplicated in vector format.

vector conversion of embroidery

Vector conversion of a photograph of embroidery (left) reproduced as vector art (right)

vector conversion of embroidery hat

Above photograph of an embroidered cap, artwork vectorized manually.

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