Vector Line Illustrations

Vector graphics are drawings so when you vectorize a photograph it will be changed into a drawing. If you are looking for more realistic drawings, please see photographs traced as vector. Also see Black and White line art.

LEFT: Continuous tone bitmap photographs RIGHT: vector line graphic

Vector conversion vectorization of an antique fire truck

vector conversion sample, mouse drawn sample

manual vector conversion of photograph

Vector conversion from photo to vector illustration

Vectorization of photo as a line vector illustration

Vector conversion vectorization of a fish photograph

Vector conversion vectorization of an omilu fish

Vectorization of a photograph into line art

Vector convesion sample black and white grayscale vs black and white lineart

Sample of an eagle photograph redrawn as vector lineart using solid spot colors

from photo to vector illustration

The three samples below are for the purpose of seeing the difference between a continuous tone image like a photograph (left) and a vector drawing.

samples of vector line art illustrations

As you can see on the samples above, the photographs on the left have a multitude of colors and varying shades that seem to blend colors together. The vector line illustrations on the right have clear distinction between each color.

Vector programs do have the ability to create gradients, soft color blends like shadows and highlights but this is accomplished by using raster/bitmap effects within the vector program. Images with raster effects are not considered 100% vector art. 100% vector line art is required for processes that are guided by the vector outline such as engravers and certain types of signage.

Vector conversion to vector illustration with raster effects

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General raster to vector samples
Bitmap photograph to vector line art
Bitmap photo traced as vector graphics