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Vector Conversions is a division of Gomez Graphics located in Sarasota, Florida. Gomez Graphics Vector Conversions has been vectorizing images since 2000. We offer:

Vectorization Service

A conversion of bitmap images into vector art. Images are either manually drawn in vector format, traced using automated software if the original allows, or a combination of both; whatever renders the best result at the lowest price.

Image Repair

If your image is of poor quality or too small we can "clean up" your image by redrawing it with a vector program. Vector graphics can then be scaled to any size without losing quality.

If you already have a vector file but you are having problems using it, we can "fix" the file so that it is ready for your project. For example if you are a sign maker and can't cut the file because of overlapping paths or placed bitmaps, we will supply your with a cut-ready file.

Information on this website is limited to vectorization of graphic designs such as vectorization of logos and it does not cover GIS vectorization of maps nor CAD vectorization of architectural blueprints.


Vector Conversions
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